European Court Issued 20 Verdicts Against Armenia in Last Three Years

In the last three years, the European Court of Human Rights issued 20 rulings against the Republic of Armenia and ordered the state to pay a total of 335,000 Euros to the winning applicants, minister in chief of Government staff Davit Harutyunian said during a cabinet meeting.

In 2014, the official stated, the ECHR issued 4 verdicts against Armenia, for which the state paid 166,000 Euros. In 2015, – 8 verdicts and 86,000 Euros, and in 2016 – 8 verdicts and 83,000 Euros.

According to statistics from the European Court, Armenian courts mostly violate the applicants right to property, to a fair trial, to a fair compensation, and the right to be free from torture or inhumane treatment.

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