Will the Situation in Armenia Actually Improve?

Public outrage in Yerevan, Armenia is going on and Sasna Dsrer still demonstrating in the streets. These, sometimes violent demonstrations have subsided a little bit and the government realized finally, that changes are needed. The complaints about lack of freedom, of gathering and speaking, human right abuses, scarcity if jobs, corruption beyond control, poverty growing, lack of implementation of justice, thus continuing emigration from Armenia. All these and other issues have been present a long time.

Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan resigned last week and a new capable PM will be in charge very soon. Naturally, the point is that why did the authorities wait so long to make changes in the government.

For instance, during the past, Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan’s tenure, Armenia’s debt went out of control and passed the $5 billion mark (actually $5.400.000). It was about the decline in the economy, but nothing was done. Actually, in the last month alone, the deficit grew more than $100 million and it reached to such a limit that Armenia was not able to borrow more money, because of the large debt was being augmented.

Also, promises were not accomplished. The government had promised 7% growth in the economy two years ago, but, alas, the exact opposite happened and the leadership was not blamed for it.

President Serzh Sargsyan realized that his named was being smeared and promptly announced that changes will take place in the government.

In one of his speeches he pointed out: “I would like to note that soon you may see considerable changes. I mean first of all the existing policies, the priorities, style, objectives also having in mind the compliance with the requirements of the amended Constitution. As a result, there certainly will be also personnel changes. There will be changes in almost every area — from the Presidential Administration to legal and justice system…”

Well said and well proclaimed. We hope really, that changes will take place, and that it is not uttered words to appease the people. The country is in very, very bad shape and needs immediate improvements. Surrounded by enemies, Armenia should be united, the citizens should feel that they are part of the Homeland.

The appointment of Karen Karapetyan as Prime Minister is a better choice and things will improve, we hope. He is a qualified economist having worked for ArmGasprom, a natural gas company, a general director. He has several businesses and has experience. Naturally, his appointment will not change the situation immediately. Most probably, logically speaking, he will try to slow the economic decline in Armenia for the time being, and eventually maybe the decline will stop. It will take some time, kand we hope improvements will be implemented.

Sincere and honest approach is necessary. The government should consult with international bodies to improve the social and economic conditions, otherwise changes may take place temporarily and nothing will improve and, we hope and wish, that the authorities take these issues very seriously.

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