Glendale Teachers Association Endorses Nayiri Nahabedian

GLENDALE — A 1,400 member coalition of teachers endorsed the re-election of Nayiri Nahabedian on Thursday, February 3rd, 2011, for Glendale School Board, citing her vast experience and dedication to education. Nahabedian, who was first elected to the Glendale Board of Education in 2007, said she was humbled by the Glendale Teachers Association’s (GTA) endorsement.

“The endorsement is of paramount importance because these are the individuals who are teaching the children I am elected to help,” Nahabedian said. “We have much to be grateful for in Glendale schools. Still, these are challenging times. Now more than ever, we need a strong and experienced advocate for our students. I hope to have the opportunity to continue serving on the Board of Education. I am truly honored.”

GTA PAC president, Phyllis Miller, explained why Ms. Nahabedian was one of just two candidates endorsed from the eight candidates running for the post.

“Nayiri’s service on the school board for the past four years has been exemplary,” GTA president Miller said. “She has worked collaboratively with the community, parents, and teachers to seek constructive solutions. As the educators of our children, we stand behind her as she understands the needs of our students and of our schools.”

Nayiri Nahabedian was elected to the Glendale Board of Education in 2007 and has been a forceful advocate for making schools safer, keeping class size small, ensuring excellence in teaching and protecting each child’s opportunity to learn and succeed.

Nayiri, a graduate of Glendale High School, is a committed child advocate and education reformer. she graduated from UCLA with a degree in Psychology and received her master’s degree in Social Welfare from the School of Public Policy and Social Research.

Nayiri has been a teaching faculty member at California State University, Los Angeles, School of Social Work for more than 10 years.

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