250 Families Return to Key Town of Kessab After the Army Took Over

LATTAKIA – Following the Army’s sweeping victory against eh armed terrorist group expelling Takfiri terrorist and their dark mentality out of the mountainous bewitching coastal town, some people started to return to their homes.

In the major town of Kessab in Lattakia countryside, 250 families returned Monday, June 16, to their homes.

A government source in Lattakia said that the basic services would be back in to the town during three days to mend what has been destroyed by the terrorist.

Army units carried out several successful operations against the armed terrorist groups in many areas, eliminating a huge number of terrorist and destroying their weapons.

The army confiscated weapons, ammunition and vehicles that were left behind by the terrorists who escaped the strikes of army units. The scenes of destruction narrate the crimes committed by armed Takfiri groups and their dark mentality that seek to undermine culture of life and devastate the infrastructure and different life facilities.

Minas Gergirian, a 64 year old from Kessab told journalists about his suffering and the epic of his firmness when he stayed in a room in his house saying “I rejected to leave may room…I stayed here for more than tow months, eating bread crumbs only. I was waiting for the great Syrian army to come because I believe that this day will come soon.”

The predominantly Christian-Armenian town was overrun by jihadist rebels in March, with much blame place on Turkey for reportedly allowing the crossover to happen.

Syrian armed forces have been carrying out systematic assaults on the Al-Nursa Front and associated rebel positions across several provinces, including northern Lattakia, where control was reestablished on Saturday. The army seized weapons and ammunition and took out dozens of terrorist in the operation, mostly non-Syrians, according to news reports.

The jihadist withdrew from Kessab “leaving behind only a small number of men”, according to Observers of Human Rights. The jihadists groups were reportedly pushed back toward the Jabal al-Akrad area.

On March 21, extremists affiliated with Al-Qaeda seized the town of Kessab after clashes with Syrian government troops and local self-defense squads, This was to become part of a long winded diplomatic crisis involving Turkey.

The Armenian government called on the UN to protect Kessab, evoked the Armenian Genocide of 1915, and accused Turkey of allowing jihadists to cross the border to attack Kessab, blaming it for the civilian deaths. Moscow also joined calls at the UNSC to evaluate the situation and offer solutions on how to protect eh some 2000 Armenians that inhabit Kessab.

Ankara slammed any accusations of its complicity and condemned the allegations and cause confrontations and political propaganda, though Turkey downed a Syrian military jet on March 23, just ahead of an escalation in tensions between Prime Minsiter Tayyip Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the Syrian government.

Turkey claimed the jet was violating its airspace.

In response, Damascus accused Ankara of blatant aggression saying the fighter jet had been over Syria, The Syrian pilot said a Turkish aircraft fired a missile at him while he was pursuing jihadist militants within Syrian territories.

Finally, on March 27, a leaked telephone conversation between top Turkish officials discussing the options for manufacturing a pretext for a military invasion of Syria appeared on You Tube, leaving little doubt as to how little Turkey was willing to hold back when it came to engaging the Assad government.

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