Minister Al-Zoubi: Erdogan’s Government Facilitated Terrorists’ Entry to Lattakia

DAMASCUS – Minister of Information Omran al-Zoubi said the government of Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan has regularly facilitated the entry of the armed terrorist groups into Kessab area in Lattakia countryside.

In an interview with Syrian TV late Sunday, Minister al _zoubi considered Erdogan’s acts as a violation of international resolutions calling for convicting all forms of terrorist acts.

He said Erdogan’s acts prove that Syrian leadership was right when it said that Erdogan and his government are involved in international terrorism, adding “the persons who entered Lattakia northern countryside are neither opposition member nor Syrian citizens, they are groups of armed and trained foreigners with certain purposes and agendas.”

Minster al-Zoubi said the Syrian Army and Armed Forces have foiled the attack of terrorists who are all of non-Syrian nationalities.

He stressed that no one can say that Syria has foiled the Genera 2 conference, highlighting that Syria has been calling, since the beginning of the crisis, for a political course that leads to solutions.

Al-Zoubi said the stance of Syrian state was rejected by the so-called “coalition” and its backers because there were not seeking a political solution but fragmenting the state and moving into a direction that serves the U.S and Israeli interests in the region.

Al-Zoubi added that some Arab and regional regimes such as Saudi Arabia, Qata, Turkey, and other states backing terrorism have gone so far in their offense to Arabism, Islam and Syria, committing grave mistakes in terms of evaluating the outcomes of their policies.

He continues to say that Saudi Arabia has become a factory for producing universal terrorism and it cannot prevent terrorist from turning back to its territories through taking numerous decisions.

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