US State Department “Deeply Troubled” by the Violence in Kessab Attacks

Fail to Condemn Turkey’s Role in Anti-Armenian Incursion

WASHINGTON, DC — The State Department announced on March 30, that it was “deeply troubled” by the recent violence in the historically Armenian populated city of Kessab, Syria, by failed to condemn Turkey’s role in facilitating the attacks by the al-Qaeda affiliated extremist forces, that have forced the Armenian and civilian populations to evacuate the region.

In a statement followed by a question and answer session during the daily State Department press briefing earlier today, State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf began, “we are deeply troubled by recent fighting and violence that is endangering the Armenia community in Kessab, Syria and has forced many to flee. There are far too many innocent civilians suffering as a result of the war. All civilians, as well as their places of worship must be protected.”

Harf continued to note, “we have long had concerns about the threat posed by violence extremists and this latest threat to the Armenian community in Syria only underscores this further.”

Located in the northwestern corner of Syria, near the border with Turkey, Kessab had until very recently, evaded major battles in the Syrian conflict. The local Armenian population had increased in recent year with the city serving as safe-haven for those fleeing from the wartorn cities of Yacubiye, Rakka, and Aleppo. On the morning of March 21st, extremist foreign fighters launched a vicious attack on Kessab civilians, forcing them to flee neighboring Latakia and Basit.

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