Haig Boyadjian Bequeaths $750,000 to the Armenian EyeCare Project

First Regional Eye Clinic Named in His Honor

Always believing in the vital importance of vision and eye care, Haig John Boyadjian bequeathed $750,000 to the Armenian EyeCare Project.

a long-time resident of New Jersey, Haig was born in Jerusalem, the Mandate of Palestine on February 13, 1935 to Haroutune and Mary Boyadjian.

Haig graduated from Saint George’s School in 1953, with a Bachelor of Arts. Following Swarthmore he studied at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University and earned his Master of Arts in International Relations,

After completing his education Haig became eligible for the military draft and served in Army Intelligence at Fort Bragg, Georgia from 1959 through 1961. He remained in the Army Reserves for a number of years following his active service.

Pursuing his keen, lifelong interest in international relations, Haig joined Chase Manhattan Bank’s Executive Training Program. He was fascinated with foreign countries and their people and the Chase program enabled him to become immersed in a number of different cultures throughout his career. He lived and worked in many countries in Europe, South and Central America, the Caribbean and the Middle East. His last assignment was with Midland Bank’s (HSBC) London office. Among his many accomplishments Haig co-authored “Risks Reading Corporate Signals,” a book on the banking industry.

To celebrate Haig’s life, the Armenian EyeCare Project will name its first Regional Eve Clinic, which will be located in Ijevan, Tavush, in his honor — The Haig John Boyadjian AECP Eye Clinic. It will take some five years before the clinic is completed and ready to serve the community.

For more information about the Armenian EyeCare Project, contact the California office at 949-933-4069, or visit the AECP website at www.eyecareproject.com. To make a donation, call the AECP or mail a check to P.O Box 5630, Newport Beach, California 92662.

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