U.S to Increase Financial Assistance to Armenia Through Different Projects

By Naira Hayrumyan

The United States is going to increase financial assistance to Armenia through different projects. It has been stated already that additional one million dollars will be allocated for an agricultural program. The mass media reported about possible resumption of Millenium Challenges in Armenia.

Investments and direct assistance of the United States and European states have resulted in transformation of thinking of the society in Armenia. It has diversified essentially people’s thinking where the pro-Russian sentiment was dominant a few years ago.

Serzh Sargsyan’s decision on joining the Customs Union was perceived in Armenia not as a logical choice but as a result of violence.

Now, one needs to develop what has been achieved and not a of of time will be needed to perceive Putin’s policy as occupation. Moreover, Russia is not even trying to hid it.

The absence of high-ranking Russian officials at the opening of the Armenian Cathedral was to highlight that Russia is not ashamed of its violence against and is not going to repent.

In the meantime, the opening of the office of Oracle in Armenia indicates that the United States is likely to launch the second stage of diversification of Armenia. It is possible that Washington has understood that the best weapon is the investment expansion. Despite the risks that investments fear they can lead to change in Armenia, as in Georgia.

In terms of economy, Armenia survived thanks to the loans of the World Bank and IMF, as well as assistance. Armenia received as much money as is needed to perform its minimum social duties to the population.

Money is given for administration and economic reforms but the reforms obviously do not help achieve a self-sufficient economy in Armenia.

Only big foreign investments and new technologies will help achieve that, and the United States apparently knows about it. In this context, it is not ruled out that the U.S administration will call businessmen, mostly of Armenian origin, to invest money in Armenia under American “guarantees”.

Over the past few years the Armenian economy was thrown to the Russian Diaspora which has altogether ousted the Armenian Americans. Unlike the Russian government which uses Armenians living in their country as hostages, a blunt tool for its policy and potential victims of failure, the U.S administration does not risk its citizens of Armenian origin and their capital. However, this attitude may change.

Russia stepped in the battlefield and attacked the first. Now nothing is holding the United States back from counterattacks.

The expansion of investments by the Unites States and Europe may change the arrangement of forces and may even prevent the official membership of Armenia to the Customs Union. In fact, the U.S ambassador and EU officials have already stated that they will not give up on Armenia, even if it joins the Customs Union.

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