Armenian Genocide Memorial Approved by Pasadena City Council

By Bianca Ramirez

PASADENA – The Pasadena City Council has approved the city’s first Armenian Genocide monument. The Pasadena Armenian Genocide Memorial Committee is behind the project, which will be built at Memorial Park.

Bill Paparian, chairman of the board of directors for the non-profit organization, described the future memorial.

“The memorial will have a scaffold. And the scaffold will straddle a large bowl, which will have inscribed in it the symbol for eternity. And from the top of the tripod, every 21 seconds a drop of water will drop representing a tear for each life lost. Over the course of a year, there will be one-and-a-half million tears that will fall into the pool,” Paparian said.

He said that construction crews will break ground on the monument on April 24, 2014. It’s set to open to the public on the same date in 2015 – to mark the 100th anniversary of the slaying of 1.5 million Armenians under the Ottoman Empire.

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