Peaceful Solution Should be Implemented

The Syrian government and the opposition are in a very dangerous situation and it does not seem it will abate. According to reports (UN and others) close to 100,000 people died during the past two years and about 1.5 million people left the country looking for safer havens –Jordan, Turkey, Armenia and other places. The recent news that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons to kill its citizens who are opposing the regins, created a difficult situation, almost a quagmire.

The United States plans to use military force to oust President Bashar El-Assad of Syria and restore, hopefully, peace. The United Nations sent a team to investigate the use of chemical weapons and has not reported about its findings yet. The US says that it has evidence that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against its won people and killed many. The U.S President stressed several times that there will not be any US forces on Syrian soil, like there were in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the military action would be from Navy warships in the Mediterranean Sea. Russia is also sending warships in the regions to balance the situation.

Of course, the situation is very dangerous and it does not seem it will change for the better as time goes by. It needs a lot of discussions and planning to settle the political issues peacefully. It is interesting that many, many, countries are not supporting the US stance. The UN is holding any decision until the weapons inspection is over. Naturally, Russia supported Syria for many years and was adamant to take any action.

Now that surprisingly President Vladimir Putin changed his views a little but and announced that the Syrian chemical arsenal should be under the control of international bodies. President Barack Obama softened a little and sent the military issue to the Congress, after the British Parliament voted against attacking Syria. Obama now is contemplating alternative military force.

Even former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that Syria surrendering its chemical arsenal to the international community would be an important step forward and doubted that if military intervention would solve the difficult situation in Syria, which has allies in the Arab and Iranian world.

Any military intervention from the U.S will create a worse situation, and most probably more dangerous that what it is now. It would not be surprising if the Arabs use the occasion and start all kinds of campaigns against the West particularly the U.S.

There has to be another way of settling this issue — a political one. There has to be negotiations, negotiations, and negotiations. A settlement plan should be studied and implemented with the participation of the United Nations, otherwise the situation will get worse.

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