Canada Rebuffs Turkish Diplomat on Armenian Genocide Issue

OTTAWA — Turkey’s Parliament Speaker Mehmet Ali Sahin, who is paying a visit to Canada, had a meeting with his Canadian counterpart Noel Kinsella, CNN Turk reported.

The Turkish official made remarks on the Armenian Genocide issue, saying: “When Allah created the man, eyes, were put on the front side in order to look forward, and the stuff of history should be left to the historians. We should look forward to develop our relations.”

The Turkish Parliament Speaker reminded that the Canadian Government is the only government to have recognized the Armenian Genocide, and claimed: “PM of Canada expresses himself over this issue. We think it is an accurate step forwarding to the right path. We expect that in April we will not have new problems. We approve the scientific and impartial research of these events.”

Canadian Senate Speaker answered to Sahin’s claim: Of course, people can try to forward looking back all the time, which in this case in impossible. If we throw a glance on the world history, we will see, we are living isolated from one another. Thus, we should learn from the history and not harm each other.

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