Russian Itera to Pay $100 Million for Armenia’s Rubber Plant

YEREVAN – Representatives from the Russian Itera organizations will visit Armenia again, probably by then end of May, to negotiate with the country’s leadership, and with respect to assuming the management of capital city Yerevan’s Nairit Rubber plant, 168 Zham daily reports.

“According to our sources, the Russian side has not changed its position. They are prepared to pay $100 million and pledge a regular payment of the salaries of the workerm but they refuse to assume the former commitments of Nairit.

The Government of Armenia expects to receive $400 million, also calculating in it the debts of the plant. The fate of Nairit is expected to be clarified at the beginning of next month.

But until then, the Nairit workers demand their next salary, and threaten to take to the streets again. Nairit Trade Union Committee head Hrach Tadevosyan informed that the government promised to pay a one-month salary by the end of this month,” 168 Zham writes.

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