Seven Armenian-Americans Elected as Democratic Party Delegates

Seven Armenian-Americans were elected as Democratic Party delegates in elections throughout Californian this weekend, reports the Armenian National committee of America – Western Region.

Based on unofficial results, Armenian-Americans were elected from the 43rd, 53rd, and 58th Districts. In the 43rd District: Michael Kiaman, Juliette Minassian, Nayri Nahabedian, and Adrin Nazarian were elected out of 47 candidates. in the 53rd District, Varo Asorian won in a field of 47 candidates and in the 58th District, Alexandra Ananian and Murad Minassian won in a field of 26 candidates. Alexandra Ananian was also elected to the influential Executive Committee of the State Central Committee.

“The ANCA-WR woujld like to congratulate all the Armenian-American candidates who ran for Delefate this weekend,” said Haig Hovsepian. Government Affairs Director. He continued, “we are encouraged that so many Armenian Americans participated in this weekend’s elections as candidates and as voters.”

In the Glendale / Burbank based 43rd Assembly District, two competing slates of candidates included four Armenians as a part of their teams, while two Armenian candidates ran as a part of neither slate. Over 300 Democrats voted in the tightly contested race, which went into a recount late into the night. the 43rd AD race saw Armenians elected from both slates.

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