Hayastan All-Armenian Fund to Allocate $250,000 to $300,000 to Syrian Armenians

YEREVAN – The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund plans to allocate $250-300 thousand to assist the Syrian Armenians, Ara Vardanyan, Executive Director of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, told Tert.am

$21,422,477 was raised during the Telethon 2012, more than half was raised by Moscow Armenians.

“Ten percent of an uncertain amount will be allocated to Syrian-Armenians. Some philanthropists provide money for certain programs, and we have no right to take any part of the sum for Syrian Armenians,” he said.

As regards specific the funds will be allocated for, Vandanyan said that the Fund is discussing the issue with Armenia’s minister of diaspora affairs Hranush Hagopian, and with other government agencies.

“Some programs have been launched: printing of books for Syrian Armenians, sponsorship of heart surgeries (two Syrian Armenian women), and 200,000 drams as financial aid to a family. We have numerous applications and are doing our best. But we intend to select specific large scale programs this February-March, when the funds are transferred to our account,” Mr. Vardanyan said.

This year the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund also plans construction of community centers and complete some of the projects which are under construction.

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