Why is the Armenian Government Quiet on the Issue of the Genocide Resolution?

The lame duck session of the 111th Congress adjourned without discussing the Armenian Genocide Resolution (H. Res. 252). In fact the resolution never came to the floor because it was not on the agenda. Many groups and individuals expected Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to bring the resolution to the floor in the last days of the session.

There are many explanations why the resolution was not placed on the agenda — some say there was pressure from the opposing side, while others say there weren’t enough votes, particularly many lawmakers left Washington early to get to their homes for the holidays, without attending the session.

The community organizations, young and old folks worked hard and for months to get the resolution on the agenda, despite the fact that for a couple of decades Armenian Genocide Resolutions have been block by the house.

Many, many Armenians and friends of justice are very unhappy with this situation. The Turks may be temporarily breathing slightly better for a short time only, because Congressman Adam Schiff said that he will bring the issue again. “I pledge to you that I will continue to press for recognition of the Armenian Genocide until the memory of those who perished from 1915 to 1923 is formally and forever preserved in our national consciousness.”

However, there is another issue which has been overlooked.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davotoglu telephoned Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and told her that the U.S administration should step up efforts to defeat the impending Armenian resolution. Other Turkish Foreign Ministers have done the same in the past. Prime Minister Erdogan wrote a letter to President Obama in the same vein just like other government leaders have done…They are acting diplomatically beside utilizing the services of lobbying groups…

On the other hand, Armenia’s Foreign Minister has kept quiet on this issue on diplomatic level. The President of Armenia, similarly. He could have done the same as Erdogan did, by politely stressing the importance of the Armenian Genocide Resolution and ask Obama to help justice prevail and defeat the deniers. After all, governments deal with governments and why not the Armenian government take action?

President Serzh Sarkisian has been very vocal lately about the Armenian Genocide, particularly this past year specially in his statements in Der El-Zor, London, England, in Washington, D.C., and very recently at the International Conference on Genocide which was held in Yerevan, Armenia, with the participation of international scholars, including Turks.

When there is a huge and impressive Armenian Martyrs Monument at Tsidzergabert in Yerevan where foreign ambassadors stationed stationed in Armenia visit there every April 24th and other occasions, pay their respects, what is keeping the government aloof. Moreover, U.S Secretary of State Hillary Clinton this part year in July visited the Memorial and placed a wreath there. Then, why shouldn’t the Armenian government be more assertive when it comes to nationalism and national identity. The Armenian government should be able to take the first step and defend Armenian rights and not react to issues of this importance.

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