AGBU 2012 World Games: Under the Grand Patronage of the Turpanjian Family

PASADENA – Over five hundred young athletes from around the world are heading to Los Angeles this week as the countdown draw near for the AGBU Wolrd games. Set to begin Sunday, July 29, 2012, the event promises excitement and thrills both on and off the court, as the organization’s youth take part in various sports competitions, social events and excursion tours as part of an AGBU tradition that dates back to 1955.

Opening Ceremony: Sunday, July 29
The opening ceremonies will be held Sunday, July 29 at Pasadena City College Robinson Stadium. An impressive parade of athletes will be held and highlighted by Hollywood Music Producer, David Foster, as well as Armenian singers will take the stage and welcome the participants, who are traveling from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, France, Uruguay, Australia, and the United States.

The event, which is free and open to the public, is expected to draw thousands. In the days that follow, the athletes will compete in men and women’s basketball, women’s volleyball, chess, soccer, swimming, track and field relying on skills they’ve developed throughout the year with their local AGBU Chapter teams. Monday through Friday, the games will be held at various locations.

When they’re not on the courts or in the field, the young athletes will have a chance to meet their global peers at many social gatherings. The AGBU Young Professionals of Los Angeles (YPLA) has planned a summer soiree at the Sheraton Universal Hotel rooftop, for the evening of Tuesday, July 31; a private beach party will take place on Wednesday August 1st, and on Friday August 3rd, the AGBU Ardavazt theater Group will perform their hit comedy “Ser Yev Dzidzagh” (Love & Laughter).

Victory Ball at Universal Studios, Saturday August 4
After the winning athletes collect their medals, the World Games will come to a close at the Victory Ball on Saturday August 4th. The celebration, which will be held at the Universal Studios Backlot (New York Avenue), will feature London-based entertainer Kev Orkian and renowned singers Silva Hakobyan, Armenchik, Joseph Krikorian, as well as other special guests. Tickets can be purchased by calling 626-808-6662.

The AGBU World Games 2012 large and active Committee is led by Shahe Seuylemezian, who commends all of the volunteers for their hard work and adds, “I am proud to say that we enjoy the dedication of hundreds of individuals who have been working the extra mile for over a year to welcome their fellow AGBU teammates and supporters for an incredible week of good sportsmanship and fun.” to learn more about the AGBU World Games, please visit

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