Hrant Dink’s Assasin Speaks About Details of Murder

Representatives of Turkish opposition the Republican People’s Party visited Ogun Samast the murderer of chief editor of Agos newspaper Hrant Dink, in jail. Speaking with them, the latter revealed the details of the murder Hrant Dink and to tell negative things about Armenians. “Yasin Hayal told me to kill Dink six months before the murder. I managed to flee for five months but they finally found me and were and were ‘injecting’ for 5-6 days,” he told them.

According to Turkish newspaper Vatan, Samast, who is in jail for 5.5 years, has neither health nor financial issues and shares the cell with other two convicts. He said he spends his time reading. After the sentence, he is not praying anymore.

Referring to Dink’s murder, Samast said of he was told to it now, he would have never agreed…”when I reached the Agos editorial office, I had changed my mind. I have entered the nearby cafe and spend 2-3 hours there. Afterwards, I called Yasin saying there are security officers there and I cannot do it, He ordered me to kill them too. But in reality I lied there were there no security officers. I was sitting on stairs when Hrant passed. Everything happened in a second. I do not remember the rest. I took the bus. I did not want to kill but when I saw him in front of me…’ he said.

Samast said he was extremely touched with Raquel Dink’s speech about him who said Samast was a child and until disclosing the darkness making murderer from a child, nothing can be done.

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